Saturday, January 11

Potato chips & KFC

Hello, sweetheart♡
Today, I went to conveniencestore to buy eat something. I was hungry. Then I discovered new product!!

Potato Chips & KFC

Potato chips and KFC is collaboration. This is Kernel crispy flavor. It's so funny :P When I ate it, I feel it's strong. Maybe garlic and soy sauce. Because it's written the package, haha :)

You can get a coupon ticket to buy kernel crispy at KFC. I thought that it's very good idea to get customer. Can KFC win against Mcdonalds?

Did you want to eat it ? However it's limited time product. You can buy it by February. The price is ... ¥128? I'm sorry I forgot the price.

Thank you for reading !!

Keep on smiling (♡・∀・♡)




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