Tuesday, December 31

Mitarashi dango

It's my last entry this year!!
I should have showed more Japanese food.

Today, I'll show you
"Mitarashi Dango"

I looked up it at dictionary.
It was listed under skewered rice dumplings in a sweet soy glaze.
It's too long X(
Then, I searched it on the Internet. I found that.
Mitarashi-dango in japanese desert( that releted to mochi) 
 Japanese dumpling made from'mochiko'(rice flour)

Did you understand??
It's old Japanese food. We eat it from 1300.
You can see that people who wear Kimono eat it by perioddrama.

The proverb says, "Dumplings rather than flower"
It means "Bread better than song of birds"...maybe.

Thank you for reading!
How did you spend this year?
I was very bad this year!! How many times did I say FML??

 I hope next year will be a brilliant year!!

Keep on smiling (*;д;)ノ

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