Hello !

How are you?

If you are depressed,
you become happy to eat yummy food!!

Thank you for reading.

Keep on smiling.

Hi !

Today let me introduce my desk lunch, one day.

This is bowl of rice and hamburg!!

We can look rice because of big hamburg!!

It was hot hamburg...

My office will move next month.

And it will end free lunch service...

But, My office become Akihabara !!

Do you know Akihabara?

It is OTAKU town lol

I can show you otaku town lunch :)

Keep on smiling:)

Hi !
Today, I'll show you small picture!!

Because I found old memory card!!
This is old picture...

By the way, do you know Aji?
Aji  =  horse mackerel

It is very popular set meal in Japan.
But I guess it is food for old man lol

Thank you for reading :)

Keep on smiling

Hi !

Let me introduce my desk lunch!

Baaaaaad image quality and manner.
You might want to know ,
rice is left and miso soup is right...

I know I this is bad picture.

By the way,
do you like salmon?

I like it ❤︎
So I want to go to Norway!!!!

Keep on smiling :)

Hi :)
Today let me introduce 
Carbonara of convenience store!!

You put it in the microwave for 3 minute and 30 seconds.
And, you bet the source.

You can eat :)

It is very easy!!!
I am good chef!!

Thank you for reading:)

Keep on smiling :)

Hi :)
Today, let me introduce a snack.
This is Toppo !!
Cute halloween package :)

The catch phrase is
"A lot of chocolate to the last"

Thank you for reading :)

Keep on smiling :)

Hi :)
Let me introduce my desk lunch.

It is bad image quality.
Our office must not take pictures,
because of security.

So I use silent camera that is bad image quality.
Steamed rice with bamboo shoots.

Do you eat bamboo your country?

Keep on smiling :)