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Jan 29, 2014

I haven't written new entry for a long time! Because I was busy ;(
Today, I'll show you "Nata de coco & Calpis "

Do you like Nata de coco? I like it! I always eat it in yogurt.
You can buy it at convenience store!

Thank you for reading!

Keep on smiling :P

Jan 15, 2014

Hello :) Do you know Ume? Ume is a Japanese apricot. We usually eat Ume. For example, put on rice or past. oh There is a spirits flavored with ume :) I like it.

Today, I'll show you Sheet of a pickled ume.

I bought it at convenience store. I like it. When I was student, I always bought it before starting a class. 
Ume tasted sour. But this snack tastes sour and sweet. If you don't like ume, you can eat it :)

Does it look like a beef jerky? It's very thin and tiny. The price is ¥128...maybe :P I forgot.

Thank you for reading :)

Keep on smiling :)

Jan 14, 2014

Hi :) How are you?
I thought that I write more entry!! I'll write 30 entry within this month. Can I do that? haha

Today, I'll show you Bean‐starch vermicelli such as ramen

Do you know bean-starch vermicelli? It is eaten in Asia. For example, China, Thailand ...etc. 
The picture's food looks like cup noodles. But it's used bean-starch vermicelli as men. So it's very low calorie!!
If you want to eat something at midnight, you can eat this food :)
The soup based on pork bone and soy sauce.  Does your country use pork bone as soup? In Japan, it's used as ramen's soup. If you are vegetarian, you have to pay attention.

Thank you for reading.

Keep on smiling(^00^)

Jan 13, 2014

 Hi !! It's very cold in Japan. I have to think to get more readers. Should I start twitter? I don't have twitter  and Facebook account...

Today I'll show you Milk caramel drink

Milk caramel is sold by Morinaga. It's sold a hundred years!! Then the drink was sold as the 100th anniversary. The package is very old design, right? How do you think about that?

This is the anniversary movie!!
Should I write the conversation in English?

Thank you for reading!!

Keep on smiling!!

Jan 12, 2014

Hello, sweetheart♡
Today, I went to conveniencestore to buy eat something. I was hungry. Then I discovered new product!!

Potato Chips & KFC

Potato chips and KFC is collaboration. This is Kernel crispy flavor. It's so funny :P When I ate it, I feel it's strong. Maybe garlic and soy sauce. Because it's written the package, haha :)

You can get a coupon ticket to buy kernel crispy at KFC. I thought that it's very good idea to get customer. Can KFC win against Mcdonalds?

Did you want to eat it ? However it's limited time product. You can buy it by February. The price is ... ¥128? I'm sorry I forgot the price.

Thank you for reading !!

Keep on smiling (♡・∀・♡)




Jan 7, 2014

Hello, every one. I returned Tokyo!! I'm tired but I'll write new entry!!

I'll show you Cup udon with beaten egg 

Do you like udon? I like it better than buckwheat. Buckwheat is called "Soba" We always eat Soba New year's eve. There are some reason. For example, you can live long if you eat Soba. Because Soba is long noodle.
I didn't eat soba then. but I ate udon!! Can I live long ? haha.

Thank you for reading!!

Keep on smiling :)

Jan 4, 2014

Hello :) I'm staying at my parents house. My home town is Aizu in Fukushima. Today, I'll show you traditional food of Aizu!

This is Kozuyu. We eat it during new year holidays, festivals or ceremonial occasions. We add carrots, shiitake mushrooms, oea pods...and so on. You feel fungry because we use small tableware. You may want to ask for another helping. That's Omotenashi in Aizu!!
If you want to eat it, come on here!! You can eat it Japanese style hotel.
Alternatively, you can buy Kozuyu set at supermarket in Aizu :)

This is Ikaninjin. It means cuttlefish and carrots.It is soy sauce and sake flavor.

This is Konbu :)

By the way, do you know the place of Aizu?

It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo. You take the shinkansen and train. I'd like to recommend that you come to here in Golden week. It's Japanese holiday in May. Because you can see very beautiful Sakura view :) Now it's heavy snow X(  

P.S.  My mother cooked these ! I couldn't lol

Thank you for reading!!

Keep on smiling :)