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Jun 24, 2015

Hi :)

Long time no see!

I should have written this blog...

I took many lunch pictures, but I didn't upload...
Because I am poor student,  I feel lazy English contents :P

Today, Let me introduce my desk lunch :)
I work as System Engineer so I always eat lunch at my desk.

Because there are Bento shops near my office, I always buy it there.

It is ¥500 :)
(About $6)

It is called "One Coin Bento"

And, the bento menu is changed from day to day :)

It is used food without additives !!

There are many bento that changes from day to day shop at office town.

If you want to eat it, you might want to go to daytime !

Because it will be sold out !!

Keep on smiling :)

Jan 21, 2015

Hello :)
My young sister fount very funny ice cream.
Do you know Yokan?
Yokan is a bar of sweet jellied adzuki‐bean paste.
This Ice looks like Yokan!

You can buy it at family-mart:)

Thank you for reading:)

Jun 27, 2014

Hello!! Lonfg time no see!! Because of my poor English skill :P

I'll show you "Sapporo potato"

This is BBQ flavor.

What's BBQ flavor?

I don't know.

However it is used chicken , beef and vegetable.

Can you image this snacks taste?

Thank you for reading!!

Jun 5, 2014

Long time no see!!
How are you ? :)

I haven't written it because there is no guest at this blog!!

However I will write new article !!

Today, I'll show you Soy milk Chestnut flavor.

It was very sweet :)

And, if you have a chance, you can give Japanese a qize  "How do you say Kuri(chestnut) in English"

Maybe, Almost Japanese say "Marron"

It's French.

I have thought Marron is English.

Why do they answered ?

I didn't know lol

Thank you for reading.


Jan 29, 2014

I haven't written new entry for a long time! Because I was busy ;(
Today, I'll show you "Nata de coco & Calpis "

Do you like Nata de coco? I like it! I always eat it in yogurt.
You can buy it at convenience store!

Thank you for reading!

Keep on smiling :P

Jan 15, 2014

Hello :) Do you know Ume? Ume is a Japanese apricot. We usually eat Ume. For example, put on rice or past. oh There is a spirits flavored with ume :) I like it.

Today, I'll show you Sheet of a pickled ume.

I bought it at convenience store. I like it. When I was student, I always bought it before starting a class. 
Ume tasted sour. But this snack tastes sour and sweet. If you don't like ume, you can eat it :)

Does it look like a beef jerky? It's very thin and tiny. The price is ¥128...maybe :P I forgot.

Thank you for reading :)

Keep on smiling :)

Jan 14, 2014

Hi :) How are you?
I thought that I write more entry!! I'll write 30 entry within this month. Can I do that? haha

Today, I'll show you Bean‐starch vermicelli such as ramen

Do you know bean-starch vermicelli? It is eaten in Asia. For example, China, Thailand ...etc. 
The picture's food looks like cup noodles. But it's used bean-starch vermicelli as men. So it's very low calorie!!
If you want to eat something at midnight, you can eat this food :)
The soup based on pork bone and soy sauce.  Does your country use pork bone as soup? In Japan, it's used as ramen's soup. If you are vegetarian, you have to pay attention.

Thank you for reading.

Keep on smiling(^00^)